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3rd IBRO/APRC Advanced School of Neuroscience
This IBRO APRC School aims to provide the participants an opportunity to experience project management skills via conducting a mini Project. Through the IBRO Advanced School 2016, the participants will learn how to solve problems when conducting a project from different perspectives.
Deadline: June 10th 2016.

IBRO-ISN Research Fellowsips 2017
The IBRO-ISN Research Fellowships 2017 Program aims to provide increased research opportunities for neuroscientists and support the global advancement of neuroscience research.
Deadline: June 10th 2016.

1st Iranian IBRO/APRC School of Cognitive Neuroscience of Human Brain Mapping
This IBRO APRC School provides an opportunity for postgraduate students in the Asia-Pacific region to acquire cornerstone knowledge of both theoretical and technical key areas of Functional Human Brain Mapping with two main themes focused on Attention/Working Memory, and Decision Making/Executive Functions.
Deadline: June 15th 2016.

IBRO/IBE-UNESCO Science of Learning Fellowships
The IBRO/IBE-UNESCO Science of Learning Fellowships is part of the IBRO Science of Learning initiative that aims to support and translate key neuroscience research on learning and the brain to educators, policymakers and governments.
Deadline: June 17th 2016.

IBRO/ARC 9th Teaching Tools Workshop
The intent of the IBRO-ARC 9th Teaching Tools Workshop is to provide tools and framework for teaching Neuroscience in African countries
Deadline: June 19th 2016.

IBRO/PERC InEurope Short Stay Grants
IBRO/PERC InEurope Short Stay Grants aims to increase intra-European mobility of young researchers by providing grants for short, goal-directed exchanges within European Laboratories. 
Deadline: June 20th 2016.