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IBRO-ARC Moroccan School of Neuroscience: Brain and 2nd Nutrition
This school aims to provide top-level education in neuroscience and to reinforce the network of collaboration and friendship between young, promising neuroscientists from all african countries.
Deadline: December 1st 2016.

IBRO-ARC Advanced School of Neuroscience on Neglected Tropical Diseases and conditions of the Nervous System
This school aims to train young neuroscientists in basic-translational-implementation sciences on neglected tropical diseases.
Deadline: December 4th 2016.

IBRO-USCRC Canadian School of Neuroscience: Development, Plasticity, and Repair of Neural Circuits
This school focuses on the development and plasticity of neural circuits, and on mechanisms to repair circuits that are damaged or that develop abnormally. 
Deadline: December 15th 2016.

IBRO-APRC School of Neuroscience on Epigenetic Regulation of Neuronal Gene Expression
This IBRO Neuroscience School will offer the recent advances in molecular neuroscience to young investigators from the Asian-Pacific region.
Deadline: January 1st 2017.

IBRO-ARC School of Neurogenetics from Animal Models to Precision Medicine
This IBRO  Advanced Neuroscience School foresees an intensive interactive program on research design and methodologies in neurogenetics, recent advances on genetics of neurological diseases and conditions of the nervous system as well as on translation and implementation strategies for clinical and public health benefits in the African context. 
Deadline: January 1st 2017.

Support of Workshops, Symposia and Other Meetings in 2017
IBRO's Pan-European Regional Committee (PERC) invites request for partial funding of workshops, symposia and other meetings on important topics in neuroscience organied in European countries during 2017. 
Deadline: February 15th 2017.

IBRO-APRC Lecturer Exchange and Diversity Promotions Programs
Funds now available to support trips of APRC lecturers and diversity in participants at APRC meetings.
Deadlines: end of January and July 2017, respectively.