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IBRO-ILAE Neuroscience School on Epilepsy and Parasitosis
This IBRO-ILAE Neuroscience School on Epilepsy and Parasitosis aims to review the essentials of published studies of the parasitic etiologies of epilepsy and to assist young researchers in the field of epilepsy and tropical diseases.
Deadline: February 6th 2017.

IBRO-ARC Writing Papers Workshop 2017
This IBRO-ARC Writing Papers Worksop 2017 aims to help young African investigators acquire skills and develop strategic means to communicate with the broad neuroscience community and, in particular, to publish scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals.
Deadline: February 12th 2017.

Support of Workshops, Symposia and Other Meetings in 2017
IBRO's Pan-European Regional Committee (PERC) invites request for partial funding of workshops, symposia and other meetings on important topics in neuroscience organied in European countries during 2017. 
Deadline: February 15th 2017.

IBRO-APRC Associate School of Computational approaches in Neuroprotection and Neurorehabilitation
This IBRO Associate School on Computational approaches in Neuroprotection and Neurorehabilitation would create awareness among young researchers in the country to carry out research activities as well as career option in the future so that they could offer better solution(s) on different neurodegenerative disorders.
Deadline: February 20th 2017.

IBRO-ARC Bursaries 2017
The IBRO African Regional Committee (IBRO-ARC) offers awards of up to 4000 euros each to young African researchers who have graduated with a PhD or equivalent degree (in fundamental or clinical research) and who have demonstrated their ability to carry out independent research.
Deadline: February 26th 2017.

IBRO-APRC Tehran Advanced School of Neuroscience
This IBRO-APRC Tehran School will focus on "in depth discussions on a planned project, using novel techniques, with an emphasize on possible mechanisms, data analysis and data presentation in neuroscience research".
Deadline: March 1st 2017.

IBRO-APRC Singapore Associate School of Neuroscience
This 5-day IBRO-APRC Associate School is designed for young aspiring neuroscientists from Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region, to offer them an interactive platform to discuss and broaden their understanding of the functioning of the nervous system in health , disease and aging.
Deadline: March 30th 2017.

IBRO-LARC Funding Programs 2017
The IBRO Latin American Regional Committee opens application calls for the following funding programs: Short Stays, Short Courses, Schools and Travel grants.
Deadline: March 31st 2017.

IBRO-ARC Workshop "From Wildlife to Laboratory: Basic Concepts to Behavioural Research"
This IBRO-ARC Workshop aims to highlight basic concepts for behavioural studies on wildlife and laboratory animals.
Deadline: April 16th 2017.

IBRO-APRC Travel and Short Stay Grants 2017
IBRO-APRC Travel and Short Stay Grants 2017 supports young researchers and graduate students working in Asian/Pacific countries to attend and make presentations in meetings of any neuroscience society in the Asian/Pacific region. This grant also allows them to have a short lab stay that would be beneficial to their research.
Deadline: May 1st 2017.

IBRO-APRC Lecturer Exchange and Diversity Promotions Programs
Funds now available to support trips of APRC lecturers and diversity in participants at APRC meetings.
Deadlines: end of January and July 2017, respectively.